Friday, April 30, 2010

The Goldberg Awarded to Ezekiel Emanuel as Nazi style euthanasist of Euthanasia

YouTube - LPACTV: Obama Aide Emanuel Lies About Euthanasia... Again
It is best to promote euthanasia as you cause financial disaster that affects everyone. Then you politicize the SEC by attacking Goldman Sachs. Guilty or innocent, that makes no difference, even though the case is weak.

Nationalize, however, the banks and health care system first. Then energy production.

When people are out on the street because their homes have been taken and they are jobless because their employer cannot pay taxes, health care premiums or energy bills, then is the time to strike. Then issue the black pills and blue kool aid.

Does it matter whether this is the fruit of a conspiracy or an unintended consequence of bad policy?


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