Friday, February 27, 2009

"Fairness Doctrine" Is A Non-Issue?

This is definitely NOT a non-issue. If it were a non-issue it would pass without objection as hundreds of other memorials and positions pass every day in the Senate and Congress.

Reagan calculated the possible response to this by the U.S. Supreme Court and decided to stop attempts to enforce the "Fairness Doctrine."

The FCC 1985 Fairness Report quite clearly determined that the fairness doctrine as embodied in its regulations no longer serves the statutory public interest Congress charges the Commission with advancing and further states that if it were up to the Commission, it would hold the doctrine unconstitutional.

If you think President Obama saying he would not endorce this means anything, consider this:
1. President Obama has and is proving he follows the party line as a Senator, a Candidate, and a President.
2. Chairwoman Pelosi is the one pulling the (purse) strings since her "First Hundred Hours," of 2007. Both President Bush and President Obama have had to follow her dictates.

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