Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mapes Wins Gobbels Award for Feb. 28, 2009 Regarding Rating of Sen.Murray as Most Liberal

OKAY, Mapes, this must be a test of your readers to see whether they catch you for writing a poor piece.

1.You include irrelevant stats regarding Representative Hooley and Senator Smith while not mentioning some others.

2.You do not mention the perspective of the publisher, David Bradley, which is the Fulbright/Harvard/Georgetown career track that is similar to WJ Clinton's and that he donated twice the amount of campaign funds to Hillary Clinton as he did to any other candidate. While the ratings are based on votes in the 110th Congress, whether an "Aye" vote on any issue constitutes it being either "liberal" or "conservative" is subjective. It also does not reflect what amendments were attempted.

3. You say "Greg Walden, D-Ore., 282nd." If you do not know Representative Walden is a Republican, you would not or should not be a reporter in politics.

4. You claim there are two Republican rivals and claim she is "comfortably ahead," without naming them. Not naming them would be evidence of bias in reporting.

You win the Joseph Gobbels Award for "Public Enlighenment in Journalism" for the day for this piece.

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