Friday, February 27, 2009

A Message on Progressivism from the Oregon Desert Perspective for the Urban "Progressives"

Your characterization of Capitalists as not being progressive is arbitrary and based on partisanizm rather than logical argument, even if the definition of actively working for progress toward better conditions, as in society or government is used. It is abusive and arrogant.

I have decided not to accept the double-think that uses and abuses Progressivism with vague and arbitray conceptualizations as more fit for propaganda than logical argument or critical thinking.

If you want to call a ministry of hate a "Ministry of Love," and a ministry of propaganda the "Minsistry Of Truth," that is fine.

That which has been called "progressive" seems to have no principle on which to measure itself, other than some elitist position that "Our idea is better than your idea!"

I will define "radical" for you as well. Radical is a person or movement that seeks and has a goal of a change in institutions.

Progressivism on the national level is radical, like anything that requires an amendment to the Constitution.

Arguments against the populism that Progressivism brought are elitist ideology to support oligarchy and repress democracy.

It extremely interesting that those fighting for more democracy in government are Republicans. Republican infers you want a representative government.

That Democrats do not support progressive ideals on even on the state level is contradictory to the ideal of democracy.

The problem with having referendums, initiatives, recalls, and popular votes is that they take power away from the party system. When someone says they "belong" to the Democratic Party, Republican Pary, or any other organized third party, my first question to them is what they think of the people being able to vote on every issue. The more they are for their party, the less they are for the democratic principles of Progressivism.

You should be embarrassed in how you referred to the one US Representative in Oregon that has actually BEEN progressive in Oregon. Perhaps you should live in Eastern Oregon awhile where the rural electrification programs were successful. You should tour the area where there are actually wind generators making power.

Metro/Valley Oregon is the most regressive and repressive I have seen in terms of property ownership and innovation. For all their talk, they do not walk the walk.

They also do not want to deal with their social issues. That is why they send both their garbage and their convicted felons to Eastern Oregon.

It has been a boon for Eastern Oregon, though. The garbage makes fuel and the prisoners are safer, more productive, and come out of prison with fewer issues than they do at the prisons in the Valley.

Of course, Eastern Oregon is not all wet. You have to be more responsible there because use of "social services" are seen as a last resort rather than a first response. They will flip burgers rather than be subservient to to the government's "bread and circuses."

Next time you see a wind farm on TV ask yourself where those generators are. Eastern Oregonians already know where the wind come from.... the Valley.

Yet again, in the media, concentrating economic power in the hands of the government is being sold as being "progressive." Yet again, in the media, concentrating regulatory power into the hands of the government is being sold as "progressive."

Progressively going into deeper debt and marginalizing our means of production is not progressive. Taking away rights to property ownership and use for individuals is not progressive.

And now a word from the NIMBY's:

TODAY'S FACTOID:1.5% of the population earns above $250,000 a year. There are about 116,011,000 households in the U.S. So, there are 1,740,165 households that are "rich." ARRA is budgeted at $787 billion. So, the shared cost for each of those "rich" households is $452,255.96.

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